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1. a customer
2. a person who is registered with or receiving services or financial aid from a welfare agency
3. Computing a program or work station that requests data or information from a server


The person or organization who has a need for a project; responsible for the overall financing of the work and directly or indirectly employs the entire design and building team.


(computer science)
A hardware or software entity that requests shared services from a server.


A computer system or process that requests a service of another computer system or process (a "server") using some kind of protocol and accepts the server's responses. A client is part of a client-server software architecture.

For example, a workstation requesting the contents of a file from a file server is a client of the file server.


(1) A desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, as well as any other electronic device that sends or receives data from a server. The term implies a connection to a wired or wireless network. Contrast with server. See client application, client download, client/server, thin client and fat client.

(2) One end of the spectrum in a request/supply relationship between programs. See X Window and OLE.

(3) The customer of a vendor or consultant. The client of an IT department is the end user.

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The impact of stakeholder preferences on service user adherence to treatments for schizophrenia and metabolic comorbidities.
The SHFT service user experience strategy within the Children's division was formed in 2013 and supports the wider trust aims (Figure 1) to promote a culture which values and drives excellent userexperience.
Engage' provides opportunity to delve into the lives of service users, as it is important for probation practitioners to use methods and techniques which consider the experiences and backgrounds of the individuals they supervise, as this can promote change in a number of ways.
The government's benefits 'reform' campaign has directly affected many disabled people and service users - in its determination to reduce the numbers on benefits through imposing ceilings and time limits, and through its increasingly arbitrary and harsh assessment and review procedures.
A nontechnical process of social interaction and communication with service users thus becomes more important than does instrumental rationality that focuses on means-end calculation (Cooper, 2001; Ferguson, 2001; Gowdy, 1994; Habermas, 1986; Harmon, 1995; Jun & Rivera, 2000; Parton, 1996; Reed, 1992; Schon, 1983; Taylor, 1996).
Not every service user wants to be involved in Patient's Voice but some may wish to offer their opinions and perceptions about their local service.
Thus, if the service user enters information himself, keep forms simple and easy to understand.
The book describes the relevant background and principles underlying the concept of service user involvement in mental health research, providing relevant practical advice on how to engage with service users and how to build and maintain research collaboration on a professional level.
service users are treated with dignity, Respect and as an individual; And
This allows us to provide personal care for our service users but more importantly our service users know that we are regulated by the CQC and are regularly inspected by them.
However, I have always said this pool closure will have a direct impact on me as a resident and service user.
Her case concluded with a statement that read: "Nothing and no-one would have stopped me from being here to put my case forward and do the right thing as I firmly believe that service users in their care are still at risk.

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