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a person in active military service.

Each serviceman has a military rank (in the USSR, for example, these include riadovoi [private], efreitor [private first class], serzhant [sergeant], leitenant, and kapitan, among others). According to their service status and military rank some servicemen, in relation to others, may be superior or subordinate, senior or junior. Every Soviet serviceman takes a military oath of loyalty to his people, the Soviet Motherland, and the Soviet government.

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A MERSEYSIDE family was last night grieving the death of the first British servicewoman to die in Iraq, describing her as a "most wonderful person".
The first British servicewoman to die in action since 1984, Flight Lieutenant Sarah-Jayne Mulvihill, below right, was 32.
The husband of the first British servicewoman to die in action in Iraq paid tribute to his "best friend and most beloved wife".
A SOLDIER has been arrested for allegedly raping a servicewoman at the notorious Deepcut Army barracks.
A servicewoman unwittingly sparked a terror alert yesterday after sending a letter from Iraq to a member of her family in England.
If perchance any, I repeat any, serviceman or servicewoman were caught in such a tangled web as is being shown us, just how long do you think they would remain in the service of their country?
THE body of the first British servicewoman to die in Afghanistan will be flown home today with full military honours alongside her three comrades.
AN apparent rocket strike on a helicopter in Iraq claimed the life of the first British servicewoman killed in action for more than 20 years, it emerged last night.
An MoD spokeswoman said that if the helicopter had been brought down by an attack, it was thought to be the first time a servicewoman had been killed by enemy action since 1984 when Ulster Defence Regiment Corporal Heather Kerrigan, 20, was killed by an IRA landmine in County Tyrone.
One servicewoman has died during Operation Telic in Iraq, but it is not thought to have been related to the hostilities.
Her activities made her the Allies' most decorated servicewoman of the war.

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