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a person in active military service.

Each serviceman has a military rank (in the USSR, for example, these include riadovoi [private], efreitor [private first class], serzhant [sergeant], leitenant, and kapitan, among others). According to their service status and military rank some servicemen, in relation to others, may be superior or subordinate, senior or junior. Every Soviet serviceman takes a military oath of loyalty to his people, the Soviet Motherland, and the Soviet government.

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During the investigation, the rights body asked 170 servicewomen about sexual violence in the military and 54.
Additionally, many support units, especially military police and intelligence units had long used their own servicewomen to search and question Afghan women.
All officers are required to coordinate with the servicewomen to ensure they are complying with the standards, he said.
Servicewomen with symptoms of behavioral health disorders are encouraged and advised to seek treatment, but their admission is voluntary and each patient is involved in developing her own plan of action.
Goyal found that 27 percent of servicewomen had had more than one sexual partner in the last 90 days and of these, just 17 percent said the partner always wore a condom.
Commanders were told: "It has been identified that pregnant servicewomen sometimes feel isolated, unsupported and daunted by maternity policies and regulations.
A PARADE and church service will mark the granting of the Freedom of St Helens on past and present servicemen and servicewomen.
Cameron gave the interview during his pre-Christmas visit to troops in Afghanistan and praised the 'fantastic job' carried out by servicewomen.
On board the flight were servicemen and servicewomen from the 101st Airborne Division of the US military whose lives were tragically lost that day.
military veterans, with an emphasis on job readiness and training of returning servicemen and servicewomen.
All the proceeds go to Help our Heroes, a registered charity set up in 2007 to help provide better facilities for wounded British servicemen and servicewomen.
military medical facilities has been waged with varying intensity over the last four decades and has largely overshadowed the fact that many servicewomen will face an unintended pregnancy during their military career (see box, page 4).

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