serving hatch

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1. An opening in a partition for passing things from one adjoining space to another, usually between a kitchen and a dining space in a dwelling, but also between any two spaces in a building.
2. A provision in a lease that makes the tenant, rather than the owner, directly responsible for certain costs.
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The Llanover still retains a multi-room arrangement, with one long bar in the front room and serving hatches to the rear and side-rooms.
But for the next 13 weeks Gordon, who hasn't had had his problems to seek over the last few months, is concentrating once again on the horrors hidden behind the serving hatch in a string of eateries across the USA.
Tomy horror, it was the reflection of the kitchen through the serving hatch.
She invented Las Vegas drive through weddings where the happy couple say ''I do'' while standing at a serving hatch decorated with cherubs.
"A couple of years ago I built a serving hatch between the kitchen and dining room.
The kitchen has plenty of storage space for crockery, pots and pans and there is a serving hatch between it and the dining area.
The latter also has views across and door out to the garden and a serving hatch. The breakfast kitchen has a range of cream fronted Shaker style cupboards ?tted by Tony Sharp, space for appliances and for a breakfast area.
As well as a scooping cabinet displaying seven different ice cream flavours, a serving hatch and additional fridges have been added to allow Yummy Yorkshire to serve not only ice cream but hot drinks, luxury milkshakes and snacks.
It has a hall, cloakroom with toilet and wash basin, a fitted kitchen with oven, hob and serving hatch to a dining room with dogleg staircase to the first floor, a breakfast room, rear hallway and lounge.
The rather unusual serving hatch in the dining room was the result of a talk by a retired explosives expert who grabbed the live version of a rocket launcher prop by mistake on his way to the engagement.
The court heard he approached the drive-thru serving hatch - but was told they could not serve him because he was not in a vehicle.