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1. the meeting of a court, legislature, judicial body, etc., for the execution of its function or the transaction of business
2. a single continuous meeting of such a body
3. a series or period of such meetings
4. Education
a. the time during which classes are held
b. a school or university term or year
5. Presbyterian Church the judicial and administrative body presiding over a local congregation and consisting of the minister and elders
6. a meeting of a group of musicians to record in a studio



(1) The work period of a representative organ, international organization, scientific conference, or other body. In the USSR the session is the basic legally established work period of the soviets of people’s deputies. The mandatory minimum number of sessions and the dates are regulated by statutes of the corresponding soviets. Regular sessions of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR are called at least twice a year, and sessions of oblast and krai soviets at least four times a year.

(2) In the USSR, courts conduct circuit sessions: to increase the educational significance of a trial, a case is heard at the former place of work of the accused or the place where the crime was committed.


1. A lasting connection between a user (or user agent) and a peer, typically a server, usually involving the exchange of many packets between the user's computer and the server. A session is typically implemented as a layer in a network protocol (e.g. telnet, FTP).

In the case of protocols where there is no concept of a session layer (e.g. UDP) or where sessions at the session layer are generally very short-lived (e.g. HTTP), virtual sessions are implemented by having each exchange between the user and the remote host include some form of cookie which stores state (e.g. a unique session ID, information about the user's preferences or authorisation level, etc.).

See also login.

2. A lasting connection using the session layer of a networking protocol.


(1) In communications, the active connection between a user and a computer or between two computers.

(2) Using an application program (period between starting up and quitting).

(3) One or more tracks of audio or data that were recorded at one time on a Compact Disc (CD). See multisession.
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