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offset, 3
offset, 2
1. A horizontal ledge on a wall (or other member or construction), marking a decrease in its thickness above; also called a watertable.
2. A bend in a pipe.
3. A change in the direction of a pipeline (other than 90°), e.g., by a combination of elbows or bends, which brings one section of the pipe out of line with but into a line parallel to another section.
4. A short line perpendicular to a surveyed line, measured to a line
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Haider Khan Hoti also criticized Imran Khan by saying that he was holding protest set-ins and rallies only for getting power in Punjab instead of holding it for rights of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province from central government.
A government statement read by the Deputy Prime Minister Awad Barsi at a press conference in Tripoli said what has been happening so far has went beyond legitimate set-ins, strikes and demonstration to become 'attempts of blackmailing and aggression against the free state of Libya.' A top official in Prime Minister Ali Zidan's cabinet told The Tripoli Post earlier that by closely monitoring the incidents that occur sometimes on daily basis, the authorities have become convinced that the systematic pattern of incidents suggests that there are negative forces trying to disrupt the works of the government and prevent the country from standing on its feet.
A number of issues were present in the meeting such as salaries of the employment, losses of the company, the current conditions of the local airports and a mechanism of making set-ins without hindering the work routines and the importance of raising the level of employees.