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2C, D) with all articles distinct, larger anteriorly; carpi sparsely setose on anteromedial corners; all propodi enlarged, each produced into proximal lobe with socket receiving tip of reflexed dactylus; long sharply pointed dactyli on pereopods 1-5, shorter and blunter dactyli on pereopods 6-7.
Abdomen: T1 dark red-brown, T2-8 orange with red-brown posterior margins, extensively apruinose except for fine gold-silver pruinescence anterolaterally, pale yellow setose.
The subgenital plate is simple, setose, and the ovipositor valvulae are complete in all but one species; the ninth sternum is distinct, almost circular, with the spermapore often distal, surrounded or not by a pigmented ring.
Capitula homogamous or heterogamous, discoid, disciform, ligulate, or radiate, isomorphic or heteromorphic with dimorphic, sub-dimorphic, or rarely with trimorphic florets, with one to numerous florets; receptacle epaleate to paleate, glabrous, pilose, setose to fimbriate; involucre uniseriate to multiseriate.
Male and female genital fields resemble those of Unionicola; pedipalps resemble those of Unionicola; tibia and tarsus of first walking leg of male highly modified; tibia setose with two pairs of large, blunt setae, and an enlongate, thick seta at the distal end; tarsus strongly curved, with small claws.
Metapleuron mainly smooth, posteriorly densely setose which setae directed to hind coxa (Fig.
Head: Dark red-brown, red-gold and silver pruinose, extensively brown and white setose.
Rays arched or revolute; exoperidium non-hygroscopic; endoperidium surface setose or asperulate; non-xerophytic habitat 6 6 (5).
Calliphora can be distinguished from other Neotropical calliphorid genera by the following characters: bare stem vein, lower calypter setose above, bare suprasquamal ridge, thorax dull grey with whitish microtomentum, and abdomen subshining metallic blue with more or less whitish microtomentum (Whitworth, 2012).