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A well-trained and knowledgeable setup person understands the importance--and dangers--associated with the job.
He relies on his team to take care of the details and employs two team loan officers--a setup person and a dedicated processor.
My version is a two-year program where young and not so young people, new to machining, agree to study machining with a company to become a machine operator or setup person.
A skilled setup person is no longer needed for repeat setups.
Payne says that The Lauterbach Group employs a setup person who has multiple roles, including plate mounting.
Most foundries design their nobake line without a pattern setup person to prepare the molds for the molding area.
After the last downsizing, your receptionist is now the file setup person, too.
The operator and the setup person wanted the ability to measure the part at the machine in a way that would produce accurate consistent results.
Nothing gets a supervisor's heart racing like watching a novice setup person accidentally lift a molding machine off the floor.
However, if the machining cycle time is significantly less than the time required to make the new setup, to avoid losing machining time while the setup is being made, the setup can be made beforehand by another setup person on an extra pallet away from the machine.