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severy, civery

2. One bay or compartment in a vaulted ceiling or structure.
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As the Severy family mourns their patriarch's death, each is in service of his or her own agenda.
The process involves meeting students' needs--and providing what they don't even know they need, says Severy, director of career services at University of Colorado, Boulder and past president of the National Career Development Association for career development practitioners and educators.
They have networking events," says Severy, "and, sometimes, seminars and presenters on topics like resume dos and don'ts and interview etiquette.
The Recycle Center is also open for reuse, recycling, electronics and bulk item severy Monday from 5 to 7 p.
Clark, Severy, & Sawyer, 2004; Peng, 2000; Sullivan & Mahalik, 2000).
Two-year changes in health related quality of life in gastric bypass patients compared with severy obese controls.
Researchers have proposed applying this approach to group counseling with college students (Clark, Severy, & Sawyer, 2004; Gibbons & Shurts, 2010), online career counseling (Severy, 2008), divorced mothers returning to work (Locke & Gibbons, 2008), and underperforming college students (Grier-Reed, Skaar, & Conkel-Ziebell, 2009).
Our graduation rates haven't significantly changed over the past few years, so 1 don't see any evidence that people are staying longer," says Lisa Severy, director of career services and interim assistant vice chancellor of Student affairs for the University of Colorado Boulder.
These findings are consistent with previous studies (Hardee, 2004; Severy, 2003).
Severy, Forsyth, and Wagner (1979) concluded that gender on its own is not a good predictor of personal space and is only really clearly observable in conjunction with other factors such as age, race and relationship.
Errant physicians who are sanctioned by liberal boards may receive dispositions that differ from wrongdoers who face more conservative board members (Davis, Severy & Kraus, 1993).