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severy, civery

2. One bay or compartment in a vaulted ceiling or structure.
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SEvery now and then we're threatened with some apocalyptic plague that's supposed to wipe us all out.
(14.) Miller WB, Reproductive decisions: how we make them and bow they make us, in: Severy LJ, ed., Advances in Population, vol.
Carmaker severy where are battening down the hatches for what could be the worst storms in their history.
severy time he has performed for the club so far in preseason he has made an impact and he is pushing the other two boys (Theo Robinson and Robbie Simpson) very, very hard.
Third, narrative-based approaches have the potential to be effective in cross-cultural counseling contexts with historically marginalized populations, including clients of color and immigrant groups (Clark, Severy, & Sawyer, 2004).
Errant physicians who are sanctioned by liberal boards may receive dispositions that differ from wrongdoers who face more conservative board members (Davis, Severy & Kraus, 1993).
Despite abuse, Jordanian women still believe that having a large number of children, especially boys, is considered a protection for the future and a source of power for women; this concept has been coined in Arabic as "EZWA" (Severy et al., 2003; Hasna, 2002, 2003).
Severy, Forsyth, and Wagner (1979) concluded that gender on its own is not a good predictor of personal space and is only really clearly observable in conjunction with other factors such as age, race and relationship.
Because of this focus on the personal narrative, personality traits are not typically emphasized when using this counseling method (Clark, Severy, & Sawyer, 2004).
256) As practitioners are pressed for both time and resources to meet increased demand for services, the need for interventions that are accessible and affordable is extremely important (Severy, 2008, p.