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see insecticidesinsecticides,
chemical, biological, or other agents used to destroy insect pests; the term commonly refers to chemical agents only. Chemical Insecticides

The modern history of chemical insecticides in the United States dates from 1867, when Paris green proved
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Trionfi di tavola made for the banquet given by Pope Clement IX for Christina of Sweden in 1668, Pierre-Paul Sevin (1650-1710), pen and wash, 13.8 x 23,8cm, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
And it has earned its creators, the locally based student duo Samir Qassim (Katharsis) and Sevin Fernando (Insomniac), the title of Best Major Project from the creative media institute, SAE Dubai.
The messages on digital media--crafted by either states or nonstate users--can influence a country's visual and verbal expressions and further highlight certain behaviors over others (Sevin, 2017).
Non-Hispanic Whites with higher educational levels have a better rate of immunization compliance when compared with other patient populations (Sevin et al., 2016).
Central Garden provides the grass seed and the brands Pennington, and The Rebels; wild bird feed and the brand Pennington; weed and insect control and the brands Amdro, Sevin, Ironite and Over-N-Out; and decorative outdoor patio products under the Pennington brand.
In this part, 15 projects and products were introduced from Iran in the fields of nanofibers, water purification technology, biomedical, building materials, machinery and equipment by representatives for the enterprises of Exir Nano Sina, Parsa Polymer Sharif, Ariya Polymer, Payamavaran Nanofanavaran Fardanegar (PNF), Behran Filter, Fanavaran Nanomeghyas, Sevin Plasma, Adico, and Tavana Laboratorial Network.
Dickinson's management team will remain in place with Ray Sevin continuing his role as president and CEO.
However, if insect infestation occur, spray plants with dilute systemic insecticide like Lannate or Sevin. To prevent rot, use fungicide like Dithane or Captan, especially during the rainy season.
Potentials for contamination, overpressure or overfilling of the SEVIN MIC feed tank.
Two villagers had previously lost their lives in the area that the tunnel was moved to, according to Abdullah Sevin, the headman of KE[micro]knar village, where the avalanche took place.
Patnaik (2010) reported a considerable increase in urea level of Clarias batrachus exposed to sevin. Gaafar (2010) illustrated that increase in urea level affects the kidney tissue with the chronic treatment of ediphenphos in Nile tilapia.
[3.] Averette HE, Lichtinger M, Sevin BU, Girtanner RE: Pelvic exenteration: a 15-year experience in a general metropolitan hospital.