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see needleworkneedlework,
work done with a needle, either plain sewing, mending, or ornamental work such as embroidery, quilting, smocking, hemstitching, fagoting, some kinds of lace making (see lace), patchwork, and appliqué.
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What does it mean when you dream about sewing?

A dream about sewing can be about creating something new or about repairing something than has been torn. We also talk about “sewing something up,” meaning to assure the success of something. (See also Knitting).

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The Abakhan Sewing Bee 2018 competition to crown the country's next great creator is expected to attract even more entries this year - particularly since their television rival has left our screens.
Pattern Play: Prada Party"--page 24) has a passion for sewing that led her to study Fashion Design in NYC, where she also interned for Vera Wang as a pattern maker.
IT MIGHT no longer be an essential life skill, but sewing is still a popular hobby - and those in the know swear by its calming benefits.
JUKI Corporation and YKK Corporation have entered into a Joint Development Agreement on January 24, 2017, to leverage their fastening products and their sewing technologies and expertise to develop solution products focused on resolving various challenges experienced by sewing factories their common customer base.
Internationally accredited sewing machine expert Wendy Gardiner has been editor of leading sewing magazines, Vogue Patterns, Sewing World and Sew Hip and has produced major books and DVDs on sewing, which she passionately promotes as a fun, affordable hobby.
The Encyclopedia of Sewing Techniques uses a visual dictionary approach to cover basic sewing techniques, reviewing the tricks and tips of the sewing world through a focus on finished pieces and how they were cut, assembled, or sewed.
com)-- Apache Creek Mercantile announced today the release of the Compact Professional Sewing Kit, the first compact, travel sewing kit with 185 sewing accessories featuring two sizes of scissors and 9 full-sized thread choices in a 8x5.
More women groups in Fiji will now have the opportunity to receive sewing machines and establish tailoring programs for women.
com/project/2015/07/28/ love-to-sew-little-bagspurses A: red fabric with white dots (front/back), 20 x 55cm (73/4 x 213/4in) B: strawberry patterned fabric (flap), 12 x 25cm (43/4 x 93/4in) C: pink fabric with pale pink dots (lining), 20 x 75cm (73/4 x 291/2in) D: thick, fluffy volume fleece, 20 x 55cm (73/4 x 213/4in) E: lightweight iron-on interfacing, 12 x 25cm (43/4 x 93/4in) 1 press stud, 10mm (1/2in) diameter 1 shank button, 15-19mm (1/2-3/4in) diameter Zigzag tape in white, 50cm (193/4in) Sewing thread in pink and red Pins
Muscat, Aug 23 (ONA) Omani hand-sewn Kuma "Cap," locally called by some as "Taqya" or "Kufya" is highly wanted by the citizens whether the ready-made or the customized, to be a distinguishing feature in the Omani traditional costume for the precision and skill in its sewing that give aesthetic touches than machine-sewn ones.
Sewing Basics: Simple Techniques and Projects for First-Time Sewers" is a fine manual for beginning seamstresses or sewers of virtually all ages (10-12 to adult).
I like sewing because everything you make is unique.