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Amancio, Colombia and Jobabo--with barely 3,000 to 6,000 inhabitants in the 1950s--have quadrupled or sextupled their populations since then.
As the strike dragged on and coal supplies dwindled, the price sextupled.
In fact, the loss at HomeGoods sextupled in the quarter, to $3.
That's why the population has nearly sextupled since 1960, according to U.
He has also, according to the political parties, nearly sextupled the allowance the royal palace gets from the state.
Most recently, Perry Odak, who sextupled the value of Ben & Jerry's in three years and previously ran varied consulting engagements, has produced a dramatic turnaround success at Wild Oats.
He states, "The war on drugs cannot plausibly be blamed for the development of the crack cocaine trade, but more or less coincident with the arrival of crack in the marketplace, the federal government's investment in the war on drugs nearly sextupled in a matter of only a dozen years" (p.