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supply fixture unit

A measure of the probable demand on the water supply by various types of plumbing fixtures; for a particular fixture the value of the supply fixture unit depends on its volume rate of supply, on the time duration of a single supply operation, and on the average time between successive operations.
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Since employees are noticing a savings while participating in the program, it is important for SFU to encourage others to participate when they have time.
Using PuSh and SFU Woodward's as case studies, I ask: what happens when a performing arts institution's and a producing partner's mutual desire to produce intelligent work that speaks to the diverse urban community each claims to represent comes up against a competing corporate brand?
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Luminous Power's association with SFU and Surrey is an important step in that direction and would ensure the development of innovative and cost effective sustainable clean energy solutions through continuous R&D.
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SFU Barber Shop, on Market Walk in Huddersfield town centre, offered to spray England flag and football designs on children's hair in exchange for pounds 1 to mark England's first match of the tournament, against Paraguay.
The bright threads appear in the initial four-to-five-year period, but, by 1970, with the defeat of the series of radical challenges of those first years, SFU is already draped in the bleached, drab garment it wears today.