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see grapefruitgrapefruit,
, or pummelo
, citrus fruit (Citrus paradisi) of the family Rutaceae (orange family). The grapefruit is so named because it grows in grapelike bunches. The large globular fruit weighs from 1 to 5 lb (0.45–2.27 kg).
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Long, Hill, and Shaddock purchased 50% of NRTT, located in Chicago, from founding partners Asher Kohn and Eli Davis.
"Developing neighborhoods like Preston Hollow-Phase II is a passion project of mine," said Andrew Shaddock, Partner at Shaddock Development and developer of the subdivision.
Other exhibitors are Anna MacRae, Harriet Sutcliffe, Michael Mulvihill, Yein Son, Bex Harvey, Helen Shaddock, Mirela Bistran, James Quin and Mehan Fernando.
However, research would suggest this is not always the case (Shaddock, 2006).
Rob Shaddock, TE Connectivity's executive vice president and chief technology officer, attempted to shed a little light on the IoT with a presentation that kick-started the Electronic Components Industry Association's (ECIA) annual Executive Conference held from October 25th to 27th just outside of O'Hare International Airport in Rosemont, IL.
The genus Citrus of the family Rutaceae which includes Indian wild orange (Citrus indica), Melanesian papeda (Citrus macroptera), bitter orange (Citrus aurantium), shaddock (Citrus grandis), Mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata), sweet orange (Citrus sinensis), lemon (Citrus limon) and grapefruit (Citrus paradise) are distributed throughout the tropical and temperate regions and are widely consumed as fresh fruits [31].
Author: Anthony Shaddock. Publisher: ACER Press, 2014
(50) Arthur Shaddock, Mark Manning, and Linda Hort, "Ethical Climate Type, Self-Efficacy, and Capacity to Deliver Ethical Outcome in Public Sector Human Resource Management," journal of New Business Ideas & Trends 9, no.
It was introduced to the West Indies (Barbados) and the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) in the 17th century by Captain Shaddock and thus it was given his name.
But she was also a warm and compassionate friend, a partisan for fellow poets, and an inspiration for a generation of younger poets like Carolyn Forch and David Shaddock.
G A Richards, (1) MB BCh, FCP (SA), PhD; E Elliott, (2) MB ChB, MMed, FCPath (Micro); E J Shaddock, (1) MB BCh, FCP (SA), Cert Pulm, Cert Crit Care;
POMELO: One of the original citrus fruits, a pomelo looks like a giant grapefruit and is sometimes called a shaddock, named for the English explorer Captain Shaddock.