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Surgical technique is that the first guide wire is inclined at an angle of 160[degrees]-165[degrees] from the shaft axis and directed from anterior to posterior and proximally, in a way it passes through the lower portion of femoral neck near the calcar closely on antero-posterior view, the guide wire goes to the posterior 3rd of head of femur and comes close to the posterior part of neck (On lateral view).
After receiving the data points ([x.sub.i],[y.sub.i],[z.sub.i]) from each iteration, the circle center coordinates ([x.sub.0],[y.sub.0])--which lies on the motor shaft axis, were calculated.
where l is the distance from the shaft axis of rotation to the actuator's rod mounting axis 3 (Fig.
The direction of the z-axis is chosen along the cylinder, and the x-axis is the crank shaft axis. Therefore, the y-axis is along the engine lateral axis.
"Unlike an animal shoulder joint, however, this spherical joint enables unlimited rotational range about the main shaft axis like a propeller," Noca said.
The cutter shaft and knife alignment mechanism allow for precise alignment of the cutter shaft axis to the cutting face of the pellet plate
6) performs linear movement (path [p.sub.LD]) while the torque tool rotates around the measurement shaft axis (path [p.sub.TT]).
Users can install the pump in various positions without affecting displacement by rotating it around its shaft axis.
These pins are mounted on the disc surface so that they are positioned in parallel to the agitator shaft axis and close to the periphery of the rotating disc.
Lab testing correlated the degree of glove fingering with resin formulation and the bolt head to shaft axis alignment.