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Severn Trent plan to run a pipe from the North Shaft sewage pumping station, down Waterloo Street, over the footpath of the B4373 New Bridge, up Severn Way and to the South Shaft station.
Shaft works in the Department of CZOKPart IReplacing the shaft reinforcement in the shaft BangEw - pumping SiemianowicePart IIReplacing the shaft reinforcement in the shaft Station I - Pump Siemianowice Part IIIReplacing the main girders GWSz shaft shaft reinforcement Staszic - 10 pcs.
Some time later, in the middle of my day shift at the Steward mine, I was told to report to the shaft station to be hoisted to the top.
Above tenth level, there were several escape routes but 625 feet below, where the shaftmen mucked, drilled and blasted the shaft deeper, there was no other way out than to climb the ladders through the smoke and past the fire which started right at the shaft station. Four men made it and escaped with their lives, a fifth managed to get as far as the tenth level but succumbed and fell to the trolley tracks where a search crew on the electric motor ran into him but there was no word from eleven men.
The underground facility includes a waste shaft station, where the cask is transferred from the shaft conveyance to an underground transporter, access drifts to the emplacement area, and the emplacement rooms.
Transporting the assembled equipment from the underground waste shaft station to the emplacement area presented another design challenge.
The first shaft station was developed on the 305 m level and others will be excavated every 305 m below that.
To get around the problem of the shaft capacity constraint, MBT proposed dropping pre-mixed concrete down a steel pipe the full 2,300 m from the surface to the shaft station, so delivering a continuous supply of high-performance, steel fibre-reinforced shotcrete that could be sprayed at any time during the working shift.
Once underground it was assembled by the FKC/DH project team at the shaft station on 3440 Level.
As shaft sinking advances, two additional shaft stations will be developed at mine-working depths of 850 m and 950 m below surface.
In the two year construction period, MMTC shifted approximately 69,000 [m.sup.3] of rock whilst excavating the shaft, plus a further 28,000 [m.sup.3] during the excavation of 17 shaft stations, two loading pockets, four lip pockets and two mid-shaft chairs.
The primary work areas--drill chamber, shaft stations, and main roads--were shotcreted to forestall potential weathering.