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London, Jan 5 (ANI): Channel 4's leading horse-racing commentator was shamefaced after a risque personal message from his Twitter account was accidentally sent to hundreds of his followers.
They had some potatoes shaped like shallots, and the staff looked rather shamefaced when I told them that my Thai green curry paste faced an uncertain future thanks to their shallotlessness.
One of the goals that sank Mexico against Argentina yesterday was also blatantly offside - as a glance at the big screen demonstrated to shamefaced officials within moments of the incident.
She'd have had a hand in crafting his new shamefaced statement confessing his infidelity.
But surely shamefaced Dean Richards, pictured, and Co at Harlequins (or should that be Halloweenequins?
Whitmarsh, who only took on his new role from Ron Dennis just over a month ago, has been forced to take action after being left shamefaced by yesterday's drama at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia.
I brought the matter up with the tourist office, who looked rather shamefaced and said that the matter had been raised at the last steering committee.
The shamefaced jockey nods and passes a brown envelope before clambering onto the chair with some difficulty.
In Hollyoaks, Tony Hutchison (Nick Pickard) and wife Mandy (Sarah Dunn) are planning a grand re-opening of their restaurant Gnosh but it looks doomed to disaster, especially when the builder goes AWOL and a promo film is replaced by shamefaced Tony's appearance in a porn film instead
But after months of loving messages being passed between the e-mail lovers, our friend received a shamefaced confession from abroad.