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So Eumaeus went up to him and said, "Stranger, Telemachus sends you this, and says you are to go the round of the suitors begging, for beggars must not be shamefaced.
He took a step forward; her eyes and mine were riveted upon him; and I still wonder which of us admired him the more, as he stood there in his pride and his humility, gallant and young, and yet shamefaced and sad.
The girls in the department noticed his shamefaced way, and they very soon discovered his trick of standing with his back to the street.
I know it is more or less a shamefaced thing to speak of one's feelings before others; and yet here am I talking like this to you, and am not a bit ashamed or shy.
The hairs tied in the knot hurt Pierre and there were lines of pain on his face and a shamefaced smile.
I don't know," he added, looking round the table in a shamefaced way, "that I wouldn't feel more homely myself if I was put away with my old .
They were rather shamefaced when they put in an appearance, and Charley chaffed them unmercifully.
and he would come to a recollection of himself, startled and shamefaced and unrepentant.
For fear of appearing shamefaced I started about it so free and easy as almost to frighten myself.
Nancy gave a shamefaced smile and rubbed her own eyes vigorously.
Levin, guilty and shamefaced, but pacified, went back to his hotel.
To call our Prime Minister arrogant because he is trying to pass legislation on the matter of English votes for English matters is shamefaced humbug.