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What does it mean when you dream about shampoo?

A dream about shampooing one’s own head can represent a need to clear our thoughts or to clean up something.

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Mrs Valerie Maile, Ipswick, Suffolk Zena says: A manual carpet shampooer? Yes, such a thing does exist!
The dirty-water tank is injection molded using crystal-clear Eastar copolyester, thus allowing consumers to see the powerful cleaning action of the shampooer's dual revolving brushes and suction nozzles.
He had the vacuum cleaners, the carpet shampooer, the mops and brooms, and even a couple of guys working for him.
Company, Glenwillow, Ohio, has added three more can't-be-beat Platinum Force cleaning appliances--a bagless upright vacuum, carpet shampooer, and hand vac--to its burgeoning line, there's no reason not to officially crown them the kings of dirt removal.
HELP DOES any reader know where I can purchase a Bex Bissell carpet shampooer or rollers for same?
The chemical and mechanical action of the shampooer breaks the oil film on the carpet fibers.
After twenty-three years of association with the Baker family, Dean Mahomet and his wife and family moved to London, where he worked first as a "shampooer" and later managed a fashionable "Hindostanee" coffee house.
Gainsborough 200X electric shower, pounds 99.99; Black & Decker HT40C hedge trimmer, pounds 54.99; Aquavac 3000 cleaner/ shampooer, pounds 79.
(The supervisor) showed me how to use a (rug) shampooer, how to extract a rug, and how to strip a floor, wash windows, do lights, and walls.
has a business unit here offering a convertible canister/shoulder-strap steam caddy, lightweight carpet shampooer, cordless stick vac with swivel head and detachable hand vac, and cordless power sweeper with variable settings.
For those tired of dragging home a rental unit, paying an expensive professional rug shampooer, or lugging out a cumbersome machine every time the carpets need a deep cleaning, look no further than Dirt Devil's Easy Steamer, Royal Appliance Mfg.
Woburn, MA, December 16, 2012 --( Daimer Industries, Inc.[R], the world's leading supplier and brand of America-made high-grade commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, including exclusive carpet shampooer machines, vacuum floor steam cleaners, and a diversified line of industrial truck mount carpet cleaning equipment with hundreds of different versions sold to customers spread across 200 nations, is now offering the XTreme Power[R] XPH-12000H to resort hotels.