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"'Tis Sir Norman of Torn," spoke up Red Shandy, "with his great host of noble knights and men-at-arms and squires and lackeys and sumpter beasts.
He recalls nearly being sacked for being caught having a shandy.
Sudanese side Al Ahly Shandy held their first training session at the Moi International Sports Center in Kasarani on Friday afternoon ahead of their Caf Confederation Cup tie against Bandari on Saturday.Coach Mohammed "Mazda" Abdalla, who has previously coached the Sudan national team, says they are in Kenya to win.
With more and more of Edinburgh's clubs and venues closing their doors, the time has never been better for something new, so Prospect and his partner Shandy Martin are taking over the site of the legendary Citrus Club this month to open 4042, with plans to be the No1 party destination in the capital.
Old Tomorrow also markets Monty's Aged Ryed Ale, a popular whisky-infused beer developed in collaboration with Olympic champion Jon "Monty" Montgomery, Honey Ginger Shandy, Ontario's first ever canned shandy, and Light'er Up, a low alcohol/low calorie craft beer.
Crab Shack Shandy, described as a golden, straw-colored lager infused with notes of citrus and a hint of lemon and orange zest overlaid with a finely roasted malt flavor, will be available through the end of the summer.
"No, you could tell the diffence between lager and shandy and there was vodka in the other drink," she said.
Skyy Infusions California Apricot can be enjoyed on the rocks, as a way to elevate cocktails, or paired with an India Pale Ale as a take on the summer Shandy. The new flavor is 70 proof.
Kopparberg Fruit Lager Lemon & Lime, PS5.99 for 4 Even fruitier than sticking a wedge of lime in the top of the bottle, this is a great summer drink that still feels like lager (not shandy).
Shandy the skunk went missing in October but has turned up just down the road from where she went missing.
This essay subscribes to a tradition, at least a century old, of mining Tristram Shandy (1759-1767) for perspective on the genre of the novel as a whole, and the development of "realism" as the novel's defining feature.