shaping machine

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1. In woodworking, a machine with a vertically revolving cutter; used for cutting irregular outlines, moldings, etc., in wood which is placed horizontally below the cutter.
2. In metalwork, a type of machine tool; a planer in which the cutting tool moves back and forth across the work.
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the new shaping machine 8 Development of shaping 2013 To increase the speed and machine software.
In this method we are introducing that shaping machine with Stirling engine.
The MHI exhibit will feature a live demonstration of gear machining by a fully "dry-cut" gear shaping machine that the company began to manufacture at its local machine tool plant in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, this spring.
Shaping machine 450 mm stroke (motorized) with all attachmentsEstimated Cost 0.0023.
The subject of the contract is the delivery, Transport to the place of delivery, Installation, Commissioning and training of the operator of three separate logic units: Lc 1 - four-stroke motor bending machine for pipes lc 2 - blade shaping machine for tubular t-pieces lc 3 - burning steel pipes more information in the tender documents.
Contract Awarded for 3.insert electrode tip head shaping machine of engineering servo pinch welder for 3w260b ubsm
Tenders are invited for Supply of various tool for lathe, milling & shaping machine at GSECL TPS Ukai.(Work shop)
Tenders are invited for Supply, Erection, Commissioning & Testing of Milling, Lathe & Shaping machine at workshop Section, GSECL TPS, Ukai.(Work shop)
Tenders are invited for Glass Slicing And Prism Shaping Machine
Shaping machine, for transmitting any shape to finished, and performed with a light viscous mass containing grains, cereals, expanded cereals, nuts or part thereof (with additional interchangeable shaping elements).
A suite of other manual machines was developed, including drills, mills, shaping machines and grinders, of which the lathes and drills are still current products."