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in agriculture: see plowplow
or plough,
agricultural implement used to cut furrows in and turn up the soil, preparing it for planting. The plow is generally considered the most important tillage tool.
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in finance: see stockstock,
in finance, instrument certifying to shares in the ownership of a corporation. Bonds are similar evidences of shares in a loan to a corporation. Stock yields no dividends until claims of bondholders have been met.
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in law:

(1) A part or proprietary interest in a company or joint stock society, associated with definite rights and obligations.

(2) In the USSR, the fee paid by a member of a cooperative organization (the core unit of the cooperative system) and also by members of cooperatives formed to build housing, summer homes and garages. Shares provide the major part of the capital of such cooperatives. The price of the share and the manner and schedule of payment are determined by decision of a general meeting of the cooperative members in accordance with the organization’s by-laws. The cost of a share in a construction cooperative corresponds to the balance valuation of the premises (apartment, summer home, garage) offered to the cooperative member for permanent use. The value of labor performed by a cooperative member and members of his family who have taken part in building the unit may be considered when calculating what the member must pay for a share.

The right to a share is a personal property right of the cooperative member. With the consent of a general meeting, a member of a housing construction cooperative may transfer his share to any adult member of his family who resides permanently with him. A share in a housing cooperative can be divided when a marriage is dissolved, if the share was jointly held by both spouses. The cost of a share is refunded when members leave the cooperative or when the cooperative is liquidated. If a cooperative member dies, his share passes on by inheritance in the manner established by law.


(1) (noun) A resource such as a file, folder or printer that has been made available (sharable) to other users on the network. See share-level security and Win Sharing files.

(2) (verb) To send a file or link to someone. A Share function in an application or on a website enables users to send the current photo, document, article or link to someone via e-mail or to their social networking accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.
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Selling Shareholders Will Prefer to Sell Their C Corp Stock Instead of Doing an Asset Sale to Produce Only One Level of Taxation.
Pre-Enron, companies routinely ignored majority votes in favor of shareholder proposals with no consequences whatsoever because most shareholder proposals are non-binding.
In 2001 shareholder A, a 100% shareholder, made a loan of $100 to Widget Corp.
Cogan agrees that filing shareholder resolutions should be considered a last resort.
Advocates for shareholder rights argue that boards will become independent from and superior to management only when directors owe their jobs to the shareholders, not to the CEO.
KO members try to attend shareholder meetings to raise issues, but there are still obstacles to doing so.
However, there is a special notice provision where the foreign corporation never had E&P that would result in any shareholder having an all E&P amount.
In accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws and the General Meting Regulations, the mechanism for casting a vote by electronic means must afford due guarantees of authenticity and identification of the shareholder exercising the said voting right.
In several instances, (24) one of the shareholders of a corporation electing S status was a partnership, which is an ineligible shareholder.
These takeover defensives impede the maximization of shareholder value," says Herbert Denton, president of Providence Capital in New York.
Commissioner, 72 TC 1014, 1023 (1979), the court found the sole shareholder essential to the corporation's success, but that the corporation's goodwill did not include the personal qualities of its sole shareholder.