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Material, usually plywood or oriented strand board (OSB), but sometimes wooden boards, installed on the exterior of wall studs, rafters, or roof trusses; siding or roofing installed on the sheathing, sometimes over strapping to create a rainscreen.

sheathing, sheeting

diagonal wooden sheathing
1. The covering (usually wood boards, plywood, or wallboards) placed over exterior studding or rafters of a building; provides a base for the application of wall or roof cladding. Also see sheeting.
2. In colonial America, boards on the interior of a house that served as an interior surface finish.

sheeting, sheathing

horizontal sheeting
1. Members of wood, concrete, or steel (horizontal or vertical) used to hold up the face of an excavation. Also see closed sheeting, open sheeting.
2.See sheathing.
3. Boards which form the surface of concrete form-work.
4. Same as sheetpiling.
5. Any material in the form of sheets.
6. A rock structure in which there are numerous small closely spaced fractures.
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This limit is reached if siginificant buckling of steel sheathing and several boundary elements, screws pull out of the studs, out-of-plate distortion of the stud flange or yield of some studs.
To make comparisons of the impact of wall configurations (e.g., thickness of the steel sheathing and fastener spacing) on exceeding probability of the steel-sheathed CFSF buildings, samples are selected subjected to spectral accelerations of 0.5 g, 1.0 g, 1.5 g, and 2.0 g for the analyzed buildings.
If the water that leads to damage to wall cavity components such as structural sheathing is not entering the vinyl-clad walls from rain or other water from the outside, as was verified to be the case, then water must be entering the walls from the indoor spaces.
Behavior of wall assemblies with different wood sheathings wetted by simulated rain penetration.
Traditional sheathing materials increase racking strength and resist shear stresses in wall systems, but the new sheathing products don't.
What if I have a vapor permeable sheathing such as gypsum board?
On the outside of the plywood sheathing, we are going to install a housewrap or building wrap or water resistive barrier (WRB) or whatever we are calling it these days.
What all this means is that today's acrylic tapes can handle the movement of the wood-based sheathings and foam sheathings-mostly because they move in tandem with the sheathings as opposed to fighting them.
Yes, closed cell high-density foam cavity insulation applied to the inside of OSB sheathings that are covered on the exterior with impermeable foam sheathings is risky unless you provide a small gap between the exterior face of the OSB and the back surface of the foam sheathing to provide for some hygric redistribution.
Use insulating sheathings over drainage layers installed outward of framing.
While all of this weatherboard, clapboard and sheathing evolution was going on, developments were also occurring with the other stuff used as infill between the posts and staves.