shelf strip

shelf cleat, shelf strip

A strip of wood used to support a shelf along one edge.
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Limited Tenders are invited for Sealed Offers Email And Fax Offers Are Not Acceptable Are Invited From Original Offset Printing Suppliers For Supply Of 100000 Shelf Strip Of Balmerol Brand For Retail Environment
Vestcom then produces a colored price strip designed to slide into the molded plastic shelf strip that runs the length of the aisle displaying all the product information the retailer wants on it.
We offer self-adhesive product stickers with ingredient listings for bulk bin and shelf strip labeling.
A shelf strip and free standing bin are also available.
Put the information right at the shelf, using the price label or a shelf strip right where the shopper is looking.
Vestcom International, based here, has introduced several new Shelf Strip solutions that marry both pricing and pianogram data to significantly cut new store setup time and labor for large retailers.
The specially marked boxes will be on store shelves through April, and retailers can request a point-of-sale lenticular shelf strip by calling (888) 519-7446.
Before and after pictures, free new products and shelf strip sets all synchronized to accommodate the store's schedule.