shelf support

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shelf bracket

A structural member fastened to a wall or upright and projecting therefrom to support a shelf.

shelf rest, shelf pin, shelf support

A small angle bracket held in place by a pin (on the vertical side) which is inserted in one of a number of holes in a wall or cabinet so that its position can be adjusted; used in supporting a shelf.
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To install the shelves, insert 6 shelf clips at the desired position along the shelf support strips and set the shelf on top of them.
Hint: It seems easiest to use a hobby knife to cut out the shelf supports and n good pair of scissors to cut out the shelves themselves.
As the small picture on page 152 shows,the doors swing open, slide in, and rest on a 1-by-1 support nailed to the 2-by-4 shelf supports.
These include the wide range of Ferrari European concealed hinges, epoxy coated Euroslides with three sets of stapling holes on each of the drawer members, TV swivels, leg levelers, glides, one-and two-piece connecting screws, fittings, twin wheel casters, shelf supports, door bumpers, towel racks, lift-up shelf mechanism, fold-out ironing boards, Lazy Susans, cutlery trays, built-in waste containers and much more.
Items include: shelf supports, swivel busing, lid support, dinette hardware and apron leg brackets.
Tighten a stop collar onto a 1/4-in, drill bit and drill holes for the shelf support pins.
Then attach it with screws driven into the shelf support holes.
My shelf supports fit tightly into the holes, but yours may require a little super glue.
Turn the locker over again and glue and nail the back shelf supports to the plywood, tight up against each shelf.
With the box completed, drill holes for the adjustable shelf supports (Photo 2) using a brad-point drill bit.
Caption: Bungalow 5: The Sheldon Side Table features two supports in an "A" shape and two fixed metal and glass shelves, accented by boldly colored, contrast stitched leather on the legs and polished metal shelf supports.
5-inch plastic shelf supports the parts on both sides as they hang.