shielded twisted pair

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shielded twisted pair

(STP) A kind of cable used for most Ethernet cabling, especially fast ethernet connections such as 100 Mbps.

Compare: unshielded twisted pair.
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twisted pair

A thin-diameter wire (22 to 26 gauge) commonly used for telephone and network cabling. The wires are twisted around each other to minimize interference from other twisted pairs in the cable. Alexander Graham Bell invented this and was awarded a patent in 1881. Twisted pairs support less bandwidth than coaxial cable or optical fiber.

Unshielded (UTP) and Shielded (STP)
Twisted pair cables are available unshielded (UTP) or shielded (STP), with UTP being the most common. Shielded twisted pair (STP) is used in noisy environments and protects against electromagnetic interference.

Stranded and Solid
Both UTP and STP come in stranded and solid wire varieties. Stranded is the most common and also very flexible for bending around corners. Solid wire has less attenuation and spans longer distances but is less flexible.

Shielded and Unshielded Twisted Pairs
ScTP (screened twisted pair), also called "foil twisted pair" (FTP), uses one overall shield for more protection than UTP but not as much as STP, which has shields around each wire pair. For an actual example of STP vs. UTP, see cable categories.

   Cable      Band-      Data#  Type       Width      Rate

 1  UTP       Analog voice
 2  UTP                 1 Mbps

 3  UTP/STP   16 MHz,   4 Mbps
 4  UTP/STP   20 MHz,  16 Mbps
 5  UTP/STP  100 MHz, 100 Mbps
 5e UTP/STP  100 MHz,   1 Gbps
 6  UTP/STP  200 MHz,  10 Gbps (<10 m)
 6a UTP/STP  500 MHz,  10 Gbps (>10 m)

 7  STP      600 MHz   10 Gbps
 7a STP     1000 MHz   40 Gbps (<15 m)

The Real Twisted Pair
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Linking the two components is simple requiring just one run of Crestron DM 8G shielded twisted pair cable.
The units can transmit these signals directly over a twisted pair cable (shielded twisted pair cables are recommended).
Shielded twisted pair, coax and twinax cables are well suited to this kind of application.
Belden has introduced a series of new components for industrial Ethernet condu-ctivity to complement BeldenCOs high-performance unshielded and shielded twisted pair cables with bonded-pair technology.
Shielded twisted pair cable is used to eliminate inductive and capacitive coupling.
Debate is raging amongst regional and internationally based cabling companies whether unshielded twisted pair or shielded twisted pair cables are best for 10GBASE-T networks.
With DM, uncompressed digital signals, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, Ethernet and USB keyboard/mouse control are seamlessly managed and distributed up to 330 feet over a single DM 8G shielded twisted pair wire or up to 1000 feet via a multimode fiber strand.
* Shielded twisted pair (STP) for circuits with frequencies from 100 kHz to 10 MHz.
Shielded twisted pair cable can be used for applications with frequencies below 100 kHz.
While the administrative and MIS token-ring network still calls for shielded twisted pair (STP), confidence is building that Level 5 UTP will support the token ring.