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Depending on the kind of sample being transported, the pigs may have two or three layers of containment, including a shielding layer, followed by a sealed outer canister that transports the samples--it is the outer layer that is to be 3D-printed, but further down the line the shielding layers could be printed, too.
Due to its special shielding layer, the sticker delivers reliable performance even on metal housings.
The shielding layer is then overwrapped with another film layer to provide support and retain the primary shield wrap.
Atmel also offers a technology that allows the use of thinner and lighter touch sensors that do not require an extra indium tin oxide (ITO) shielding layer, reducing thickness and cost to help system designers create thinner, lighter and larger Ultrabooks and notebooks.
Located 2 kilometers underground in an Ontario nickel mine, SNO consists of a 1,000-ton sphere of heavy (deuterated) water surrounded by an even more voluminous shielding layer of ordinary water.
The chosen black overglaze protects the silver shielding layer, has an opaque black appearance, and provides acid resistance and a dense, vitreous surface.
permanent demagnetization with an ac current of at least 1 A, applied to the two outer shielding layers.
A bewildered packaging salesman found his protective packaging was being "turned inside-out" (the antistatic surface on the outside and the shielding layers on the inside).