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one of the paired limbs of an animal used for support of the body and for locomotion. Properly, the human leg is that portion of the extremity between the foot and the thigh. This section of the human leg contains two long bones, the tibia and the fibula.
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in arthropods, a segment of the leg that is movably joined to the femur (in insects) or the patella (in arachnids) and bears the tarsus on its end. usually segmented.


The larger of the two leg bones, articulating with the femur, fibula, and talus.


1. the inner and thicker of the two bones of the human leg between the knee and ankle
2. the corresponding bone in other vertebrates
3. the fourth segment of an insect's leg, lying between the femur and the tarsus
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"They'll either pull your hamstring through to do the job the ACL used to do or they may take a portion of your tendon and basically attach it to the thigh bone and reattach it to the shin bone, too.
But why use human bone when equally lethal daggers were made from the shin bones of large, flightless birds called cassowaries -- abundant, and easier to catch and kill?
For instance, the anterior cruciate ligament keeps the thigh bone from sliding back to the shin bone and also the shin bone from sliding onward to the thigh bone.
Closer comparison of the shin bone, upper jawbone, teeth, and partial tail vertebrae suggest to the authors that it may warrant a new species name, Torvosaurus gurneyi.
Complicated joint The ankle is a complicated joint formed of two bones in the lower leg--the tibia (shin bone), and the fibula (calf bone).
Jane's partial skull and right shin bone were excavated in a structure's cellar by a team led by William Kelso, chief archaeologist of the Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeological Project.
ATHIS is a painful condition affecting the upper part of the shin bone. It's more common in teenagers who play sports.
Both were included to deal with the absence of all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan who has been advised to undergo a surgery after being diagnosed with exertional compartment syndrome which causes pain in shin bone. "It is always difficult to replace Shakib because you need two players to fill up his dual roles as a spinner and a batsman," chief selector Akram Khan said.
PC Foulkes suffered a fractured shin bone, a plate was inserted and she also needed a bone graft.
Lucky he's not actually in this show, so the audience can feel relieved they're in no danger of being hit in the head by shards of stray shin bone. * Tel: 029 2063 6464
Speed Six, the early favourite for yesterday's Colt's Classic, was withdrawn after fracturing his right shin bone.
Walsh was taken to the Royal Victoria in Belfast with initial reports suggesting he may have broken his shin bone.