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In one of the company's pilot projects, a shipfitter using the technology was able to save two and a half hours in labor per day.
More than once we heard, 'I know a good shipfitter when I see one, but I can't tell you what one needs to know and clo.'"
Shipfitter 3rd Class Duane Essenpreis said, "It was a very disheartening sight to see the wounded men die before your very eyes and be so helpless.
Sally becomes a radical rank-and-file activist (historically, she joined the CP, but mum's the word about that in the 1950s) fighting with a strong core of others, including a wonderful old shipfitter (also a CPer), for a democratic union.
According to Tony Calabrese, the shipfitter of the title, "work was a curse, a misfortune that a married man had to bear, like his missing front tooth, knocked out in a misunderstanding with a bookie." Set during a wintry P.M.
From 1972 through 2005, Jowers worked as a shipfitter and, later, as a supervisor and foreman for Ingalls, a U,S, Navy shipbuilding contractor, One of Jowers' primary tasks was mild-steel welding, during which he was exposed to manganese fumes emitted from welding rods, After Jowers was diagnosed with manganese-induced Parkinsonism, his employer, Ingalls, paid LHWCA benefits,
He served in the Navy Seabees during World War II, serving in the Philippines as a shipfitter third class.
"We keep these ships deploying," added Hull Technician 2nd Class (SW) Jeremy Houske, a welder with the Shipfitter's Shop/934-D.
(95) concerned the rights of a shipfitter injured on a barge while it was on a marine railway.
Navy as a shipfitter in the Pacific theater from December 1941 until his discharge in 1946.
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