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If you thought the giant shipworm couldn't get any stranger, think again.
This research revealed that one form of bacteria utilized by shipworms secretes a powerful antibiotic, which may hold promise for combatting human diseases.
The said river is heavily infested with Shipworms (broma)[illegible] in the port for the ship, it would be [illegible] if this is the be [illegible] to seek amore healthful place with a better port in the future.
Keywords: Teredinidae, Pholadidae, wood-boring mollusks, Shipworms, biodeterioration, biodestruction.
Examination of these untreated test samples after 6 months exposure showed that there was shipworm activity but no gribble attack of the samples.
The next environmentally friendly detergents for home and industrial use may contain a stain remover made by an unnamed bactenum found in a gland in shipworms.
Anti-fouling paint lay far in the future, but there was another way to deter the shipworm.
The giant shipworms are the larger cousins of another type of shipworm mollusks that burrow in and feed on wood.
16) Shipworm species are capable of tolerating a range of salinities, and occur in both brackish water and open seas.
Ruth Turner at the Harvard Museum of Zoology and his interest in shipworm biology and physiological ecology began.
Among the great scourges to plague humanity, the shipworm must be one of the most under-appreciated.
Shipworm mollusks devour wooden items as they tunnel through them.