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complete or partial destruction of a vessel as a result of collision, fire, grounding, storm, explosion, or other mishap. In the ancient world sea travel was hazardous, but in modern times the number of shipwrecks due to nonhostile causes has steadily declined. Factors contributing to the decrease are improvements in ship construction, modern methods of navigation, efficient ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communication, more accurate meteorological reports and storm warnings, and the use of radar equipment. The greater size and larger accommodations of present-day vessels, however, involve greater potential loss of life and cargo in each ship disaster. One of the most famous modern sea disasters was the sinking of the TitanicTitanic
, British liner that sank on the night of Apr. 14–15, 1912, less than three hours after crashing into an iceberg in the N Atlantic S of Newfoundland. More than 1,500 lives were lost.
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 in 1912.
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Spens, Sir Patrick
sets sail in a deadly storm, his ship founders, and he is drowned with his crew. [Scot. Balladry: Sir Patrick Spens in Benét, 935]
Tempest, The
ship bearing the King of Naples and his company is wrecked near Prospero’s island. [Br. Drama: Shakespeare The Tempest]
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1. the partial or total destruction of a ship at sea
2. a wrecked ship or part of such a ship
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"Someone wanted to shipwreck Zenobia" said Fabien in the documentary while his sister Celine stated that "the mystery around Zenobia is still alive."
The nation's ( Department of Antiquities, in a statement , said this is the first undisturbed Roman shipwreck ever found in Cyprus.
It added: "This history has thus far been grounded on only two excavated shipwrecks: the Ma'agan Michael, Israel, dated late fifth century BC and the Kyrenia shipwreck, Cyprus, early third century BC.
In comes Roy Berenger, one of the world's foremost experts on salvaging shipwrecks. Recruited to solve the mystery once and for all, he must use all his trademark talents and wits to uncover the historic shipwreck.
In and around the shipwreck, 40 feet (12 metres) below the surface, divers found spices, nine bronze cannons engraved with the Portuguese coat of arms, Chinese ceramics and cowry shells, a type of currency used to trade slaves during the colonial era.
Washington D.C [USA], Sep 23 ( ANI ): Archeologists have found a centuries-old shipwreck off Portugal's coast near Lisbon, a local authority said on Saturday.
This is even as Omaghomi stated that the development has led to over 3,000 shipwrecks littering the nation's coastline.
Soum Karoney, a Navy official and head of the research group tasked with inspecting the shipwreck, said the boat is believed to have sunk about 50 years ago.
As such, the book is more of an introduction to various themes rather than an in-depth analysis of each shipwreck's importance.
Interestingly, many shipwrecks in the Red Sea are considered to be the most sought out diving centers.The British shipwreck named Thistlegorm in Sharm el-Sheikh is a clear example of a great diving place.
A collection of exquisite emeralds discovered from a 400-year-old shipwreck will be up for auction on April 25, The Telegraph reported.