Shooting Range

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Shooting Range


a sports facility for shooting at targets with handguns or air guns for practice or competition. A shooting range consists of a gallery with a firing line, a firing zone measuring as long as the shooting distance, targets (usually mechanized), and an ammunition receptacle, as well as auxiliary rooms, service rooms, classrooms, and storage space for guns and cartridges. Depending on the size of the shooting range, shooting is allowed at distances of 10–300 m. The shooting range may be indoors, outdoors, or partially enclosed.

A complex of outdoor shooting ranges is called a sports shooting ground. Shooting stadiums, complexes of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges with specially equipped administration buildings and lodgings, are used for major competitions and championships.

Public recreation areas often have ranges for shooting with air guns and small-bore rifles.


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firearm owners shot at an indoor shooting range at least once within the past year.
The pellet and subsequent high levels of lead found in the flamingo are believed to have emerged from a nearby shooting range that has been left abandoned since 2007.
The apex court also asked about a party hall on the land which had been leased for shooting range.
In fact, the two operate a popular shooting range for tourists near the Choeung Ek killing fields called Cambodia Extreme Outdoor Shooting Range.
Manama, Apr 29 (BNA): Interior Minister, Lt-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, today inaugurated the Interior Ministry shooting range that was designed in accordance to international standards.
Business partners Rob Krop and Matthew Jones are doing this with a campaign to build an indoor shooting range in Frederick, Maryland, called The Machine Gun Nest (
Now you can get all of your grocery shopping done and hit the indoor shooting range all in the same place.
The county will wait for final comments from various affected parties before staff makes a recommendation on an application to rezone a Burford-area farm for a weapons outlet and shooting range.
"I have just come here [Aoti Shooting Range], and I think the shooting ranges for the Commonwealth Games and the Youth Games [in Pune] are much better than this facility.
"Their actions are a mystery to me," says Rick Patterson, National Association of Shooting Ranges director.
Police are asking that shooting ranges question whether customers have any outstanding warrants, and whether they are the subject of a permanent or temporary restraining order, including an order suspending a right to carry a weapon.