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Short Code

(SHORTCODE) A pseudocode interpreter for mathematics problems, designed by John Mauchly in 1949 to execute on Eckert and Mauchly's BINAC and later on UNIVAC I and II. Short Code was possibly the first attempt at a high level language.

[Sammet 1969, p. 129].
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short code

A numeric code assigned to a commercial organization for text messaging (SMS). Users send a message to a short code to receive a canned response such as a Web page link. Depending on the country, short codes are three to eight digits in length, and numbers often spell out brand names. For example, 447879 spells HISTRY for the Arts & Entertainment Network's History Channel.

With premium messaging, users pay an additional fee. For example, TV shows use premium messages to enable viewers to obtain sneak peaks of their favorite shows, vote for a star or answer a question for a possible reward.

Common Short Codes (CSCs)
Each country has its own system. In the U.S., codes with five or six digits are shared among carriers. Previously, codes were confined to each carrier's subscriber base. For more information, visit For Canadian codes, visit See SMS and MMS.

Text to a Short Code - Get a Result
Short codes are commonly used to return a Web link, as in this example. However, they can deliver any response or activate any type of event.
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Telecommunication firms in India have made short codes used for banking free until the end of December.
The following digital services are now available to public through a dedicated short code 8181, SMS Verification Service and SMS Value added services.
Short code 1466 for all mobile operators is also receiving sms donations, according to BNR.
Inform the consumer, three days before the expiry of the validity period of STV, through SMS, the due date of renewal, the charges for renewal, the terms and conditions of renewal, the toll free short code for deactivation of STV.
However, the regulator said: "It came to the TRA's attention that the short code 3553 had been blocked by Etisalat."
"In an unfortunate turn of events, our short code '3553' was suspended by Etisalat the following day which made it impossible for interested mobile users to reach us using SMS.
campaign that invites consumers to send an SMS to a short code number.
Similar mobile- based public services are being worked out in Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim and Jammu and Kashmir," the officer said adding, " three services -- two in Goa and one in Maharashtra -- are already being integrated with new short code 166.
Sumotext, which is looking to diversify by taking more of a product approach to mobile marketing and giving, has a marketing platform which can support more than 300 marketers, agencies, publishers and broadcasters on over 40 dedicated short codes representing more than 5,000 active keywords and locations.The company was set up in 2007 in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Businesses can register for a five-or six-digit short code or choose to share one with another company.
Type that short code (which is case-sensitive) into your computer's Web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), and you'll be whisked away to the article or resource we want to share with you, without having to type in the full Web address (which, in this example, is World-Economy-Collapse-Overfishing.aspx).
In this system, potential property buyers will only need to text a keyword to an assigned short code. Soon after, their mobile phones will receive detailed information about a home.