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Short Code

(SHORTCODE) A pseudocode interpreter for mathematics problems, designed by John Mauchly in 1949 to execute on Eckert and Mauchly's BINAC and later on UNIVAC I and II. Short Code was possibly the first attempt at a high level language.

[Sammet 1969, p. 129].

short code

A numeric code assigned to a commercial organization for text messaging (SMS). Users send a message to a short code to receive a canned response such as a Web page link. Depending on the country, short codes are three to eight digits in length, and numbers often spell out brand names. For example, 447879 spells HISTRY for the Arts & Entertainment Network's History Channel.

With premium messaging, users pay an additional fee. For example, TV shows use premium messages to enable viewers to obtain sneak peaks of their favorite shows, vote for a star or answer a question for a possible reward.

Common Short Codes (CSCs)
Each country has its own system. In the U.S., codes with five or six digits are shared among carriers. Previously, codes were confined to each carrier's subscriber base. For more information, visit For Canadian codes, visit See SMS and MMS.

Text to a Short Code - Get a Result
Short codes are commonly used to return a Web link, as in this example. However, they can deliver any response or activate any type of event.
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isdn and analogue connections by dedicated line, particularly for pre-selection and associated services, - temporary isdn and analogue connections by dedicated line, - traffic on these connections: all incoming and outgoing traffic to special numbers, short numbers, emergency numbers.
I read as much stuff as I could today, Googling terms like depleted teams, depleted lineups, injured lineups, short numbers, I just Googled all these and I got all these articles," Hinson said.
over the last four years and added short numbers of cases were pending and efforts were made to resolve them in shortest
According to an official in a tourist company that subscribes to TE's short numbers' service, the use of the short number for a hotline service in their company currently costs an annual subscription amount of EGP 22,500.
According to the sources the notification has been send to the Secretary Health Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, sources said that the government will recruit around 900 nursing staff through PCS exam as in the first phase around 300 male staff will be recruited in those areas of the province where female nursing staff were in short numbers in hospitals.
the production rolled along with the initially short numbers that pointedly made a point and the characters Claude, Berger and love interest Sheila (Eden Redmond) beginning to reveal some depth.
While we have a neighbour that maintains a massive force structure across Eastern borders, there is existence of extremist elements within our society, though in short numbers, who want to achieve their objectives and impose their agenda through violence.
A malicious program can make a smartphone send text-messages to premium-rate short numbers, thus stealing money from the user's account; it can turn the smartphone into a spying device, giving the fraudsters information about the device owner - all calls, correspondence, passwords to social network and e-pay accounts, etc.
517, but, unlike the latter, it acquires information about short numbers from a command and control server.
At a provider level, etisalat and du offer a free service allowing their subscribers to block unwanted promotional SMS coming from short numbers or specific companies.
ArmenTel CJSC telecommunication operator (Beeline brand) announces two short numbers for SMS - 1045 and
The two acts last just under an hour, packed with short numbers.