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"In addition to explaining the abundance of Beryllium-10, this low-mass supernova model would also explain the short-lived nuclei Calcium-41, Palladium-107, and a few others found in meteorites.
were with Brown Moors level later when to meet James' cross But the celebrations were short-lived with Brown heading the Moors level just three minutes later when he rose to meet Omari Sterling-James' perfect rightwing cross.
The June slowdown in the decline in car and LCV sales proved to be short-lived, as sales fell 16.6% to 109,410 units in July and 14.4% to 781,605 in 7mo16, according to the AEB.EeWeak consumer demand, the persistent macro uncertainties along with continuing gradual increases in car prices keep putting pressure on demand for new vehicles.
"This supports our belief that weaker GDP growth in early 2015 will be short-lived. UK exports are likely to be helped by renewed momentum in the euro area."
Her short-lived marriage to the basketball star called into question her and her family's thirst for publicity.
AA Ireland spokeswoman Miriam O'Neill said: "While a price drop is welcome, activity within the global markets surrounding the price of a barrel of oil would suggest it's to be short-lived.
Lara said that the Cuban power plants "are short-lived and have high operating costs because they burn a lot of gas oil and are not part of the national interconnected system."
Summary: Retail sales figures have fallen against expectations indicating a recent surge on the high street was short-lived.
Her comments about soccer (after watching one game on TV to impress Jason) are impressive--"Getting injured at soccer is drastic, if short-lived. I mean, these guys react as if they're in the last stages of disembowelment, but within moments they are running around again, locks flowing and chiseled features intact."
Born from the ashes of short-lived thrash metal trio Hellhammer and influenced by Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost was the only group with the balls to switch from a melodic rock song to an ambient soundscape to a thrash piece to a delicate string piece with female vocals on the same album.
He parlayed his skills as a journalist, muckraker, and gadfly into a job as editor of Mother Jones, where his managerial and personal shortcomings were quickly exposed in an unusually short-lived tenure.
Their short-lived union (Bennett was bisexual and later died of AIDS) was almost as painful as her debilitating bout with rheumatoid arthritis.