URL shortening

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URL shortening

Converting a long URL name into a short one. Also called "URL redirecting," there are free URL shortening services on the Web that take a long URL and convert it to a short one for publication on a Web page or other venue. When the short URL is clicked, the URL shortening service receives the request and redirects it to the long URL.

Short URLs are widely used to slim down long URLs that are printed in magazines and newspapers to make it easier to type into a browser. They are also used in email, because long URLs sometimes wind up broken into two lines of text at the recipient's end and cannot be clicked as one link. See webloc.

URL Shortening Sites




   www.qURL.com  (Quick URL)

   www.Shorl.com  (Shorlify)



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Three of the video files had more than one shortlink associated with them, meaning that they were hosted on multiple websites.
Seven shortlinks were duplicates, or triplicates, in the sense that more than one shortlink leads to the same video file.
To further investigate the use of Twitter to disseminate links, all shortlinks found in the dataset were identified.
Of the 20 most shared shortlinks, 80% lead to YouTube videos, while the other shortlinks direct to pictures shared via Twitter or Facebook.
The new Dunkermotor Linear Motors and Actuators Catalog can be downloaded from the company's website with the shortlink http://bit.
Shortlinks sent via SMS messaging are a little more difficult to verify, making them an easy means of access.
TouchCommerce last month launched a solution that allows social media managers to embed shortlinks into social posts with which a customer can instantly initiate a personalized live chat session with a product/customer service specialist.