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1. an instrument for lifting or scooping loose material, such as earth, coal, etc., consisting of a curved blade or a scoop attached to a handle
2. any machine or part resembling a shovel in action

What does it mean when you dream about a shovel?

A dream about shoveling often represents self-reflection and digging into our own past. Alternatively, maybe we want to bury something. (See also Digging).


(design engineering)
A hand tool having a flattened scoop at the end of a long handle for moving soil, aggregate, cement, or other similar material.
(mechanical engineering)
A mechanical excavator.

power shovel

power shovel
1. A power-operated machine used to excavate and load dirt, rock, or debris by means of an open-ended bucket at the end of an arm which is suspended from a boom; cables or hydraulic rams force the arm (and therefore the bucket) forward and upward, into the material; then the bucket is raised and its load is dumped.
2. A machine having a scoop or bucket for digging up or removing loose material.
References in classic literature ?
The rat-faced one now called to the men who had remained at the boat, and they came slowly up the bank carrying picks and shovels.
Rotten quartz," was his conclusion as, with the shovel, he cleared the bottom of the hole of loose dirt.
Not satisfied with this, he panned three times again, taking his shovels of dirt within a foot of one another.
They pried off the lid with their shovels, got out the body and dumped it rudely on the ground.
Shovel for five to 10 minutes at a time, then rest to catch your breath and stretch your lower back, neck, and shoulders.
Instead, place the shovel against the snow drift, push it forward to scoop the snow onto it (don't fill more than half the shovel), then lift the shovel just a couple of inches to deposit the snow along the edge of the driveway.
She could have picked a chiming clock or a porcelain figurine, but Miss Bridie chose a shovel back in 1856.
On opening morning, Penske grabbed a shovel and began clearing snow from entrances.
Against all the odds Shovel, lovingly looked after by my wife, began to recover on a diet of mashed bread and milk.
Equipment specialists Wilkinson Sword have created a range of tools for the taller gardener - and we have 10 sets of Gardening Spade and Gardening Shovel to give away, worth pounds 43.
Caterpillar has introduced its largest 300 series front shovel to the North American market The 5090B front shovel is the latest addition to the Caterpillar shovel family and is designed to operate with trucks in the 40- to 70-ton classes for mining, aggregate and heavy construction applications.
Apparently there's some kind of rugby tournament going on at the moment, but the voices in my head have ordered me to stop refuelling my chainsaw and instead inform you of the joys of riding a shovel down the side of a mountain.