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1. an instrument for lifting or scooping loose material, such as earth, coal, etc., consisting of a curved blade or a scoop attached to a handle
2. any machine or part resembling a shovel in action
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What does it mean when you dream about a shovel?

A dream about shoveling often represents self-reflection and digging into our own past. Alternatively, maybe we want to bury something. (See also Digging).

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(design engineering)
A hand tool having a flattened scoop at the end of a long handle for moving soil, aggregate, cement, or other similar material.
(mechanical engineering)
A mechanical excavator.
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power shovel

power shovel
1. A power-operated machine used to excavate and load dirt, rock, or debris by means of an open-ended bucket at the end of an arm which is suspended from a boom; cables or hydraulic rams force the arm (and therefore the bucket) forward and upward, into the material; then the bucket is raised and its load is dumped.
2. A machine having a scoop or bucket for digging up or removing loose material.
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I dig holes about 18 inches apart, put a shovelful of compost and a half-shovelful of soil in each.
Just put a good shovelful of well-rotted manure, peat or composted bar over the crown of the plant, stand back and wait for spring.
Then shape new beds, adding a shovelful of hay or straw and manure for each shovelful of soil.
Medina said with a wry smile, as she scooped up another shovelful of brown snow and hurled it over a fence into the church's side yard.
To plant, we dig a furrow on each side of the fence or trellis, and sprinkle in a shovelful of compost.
Ross as being one of those who took the first shovelful of dirt out when they started building the church in the 1950s," said Mr.
Making compost piles and hauling manure takes time and effort, and the garden can absorb enormous quantities of leaves and grass clippings before showing the faintest tinge of black humus and getting more than one worm per shovelful of dirt.
I recommend never using industry-prepared cement unless you add one rounded shovelful of Portland to each 50-pound bag to increase strength, plasticity and water repellancy.
Cover the fish in the bottom of the hole with a shovelful of wood ashes.
Maybe once or twice a year add another shovelful of manure.
The best tomatoes are grown when the individual holes are dug about twelve inches deep and a shovelful of manure or compost and a cupful of 12-12-12 added.
Next up is a fish finger sandwich (PS6.50), served on a ciabatta roll with a cursory handful of bistro mixed leaves and a good shovelful of chips.