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1. an instrument for lifting or scooping loose material, such as earth, coal, etc., consisting of a curved blade or a scoop attached to a handle
2. any machine or part resembling a shovel in action

What does it mean when you dream about a shovel?

A dream about shoveling often represents self-reflection and digging into our own past. Alternatively, maybe we want to bury something. (See also Digging).


(design engineering)
A hand tool having a flattened scoop at the end of a long handle for moving soil, aggregate, cement, or other similar material.
(mechanical engineering)
A mechanical excavator.

power shovel

power shovel
1. A power-operated machine used to excavate and load dirt, rock, or debris by means of an open-ended bucket at the end of an arm which is suspended from a boom; cables or hydraulic rams force the arm (and therefore the bucket) forward and upward, into the material; then the bucket is raised and its load is dumped.
2. A machine having a scoop or bucket for digging up or removing loose material.
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Or, I wonder, would the council send out a team with about half a shovelful of tarmac, and what has it cost the ratepayer for this nonrepair?
Dig still packs an emotional punch, though one less shovelful of shrillness would not have gone amiss.
Sure, he replied, coming up with a shovelful of weeds, plastic, and dandelions.
The first test was simple: I stuffed a loaded magazine in each rifle in turn, closed the dustcover, dropped the rifle on the ground and shoveled some good top-soil onto it--a shovelful onto the receiver and a shovelful onto the handguards to get some in at the piston system.
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The barman put another shovelful of coal on the fire.
Akele says he did nothing but water the plant and put the odd shovelful of horse dung on it.
It is believed by all of us through our elders that every shovelful you turn here in Atlantic Canada has the soul of our ancestors.
distinguished, cicada summer hiss from shovelful of slush so words flow
I would like to say to Tom Ansell, let them without sin throw the first shovelful.
Howell and Lowe's executives as the first shovelful of dirt was unearthed at 661 Veterans Road West in Staten Island.