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1. a theatrical or other entertainment
2. a sporting event consisting of contests in which riders perform different exercises to show their skill and their horses' ability and breeding
3. stop the show Informal (of a stage act, etc.) to receive so much applause as to interrupt the performance



(in Russian, obozrenie), a variety or theater presentation that consists of separate scenes and variety, choreographic, instrumental, and vocal numbers. The elements of a show are united by a common theme.

Shows first appeared in the 1830’s in France under the name of revues and had a topical interest, but at the end of the 19th century the revue was transformed into a simple entertainment vehicle. In the Soviet theater and the theater of socialist countries, such as Poland and Rumania, shows are comic and satiric presentations. They are part of the repertoire of variety theaters, music halls, and theaters of miniature genres, such as the Leningrad Theater of Variety and Miniature Genres.

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and Welex is showing only the die of a 6-extruder, 9-layer line that company sources say is the most complex Welex has ever built--capable of both double-barrier sheet for packaging and pinstriped sheet for yogurt cups.
is showing its novel Smart Barrel system, which mechanically measures wear without removing the screw, and Flitescan, which measures screw wear while the extruder is running.
Showing new 70-mm, 30:1 Slim Line Extruder with Baumuller gearless motor to save space on highly layered blown film lines.
Showing custom color and additive concentrates and specialty dispersions.
Showing Asaclean chemical purging compounds for commodity and engineering TPs.
Also showing new hybrid Allrounder Advance series in a 110ton model using gas-assist to produce a coat hanger, and a 176-ton model with a robot producing a stackable box.
Showing an automated inspection cell for an automotive interior component.
To raise output of PVC profiles, Material Enhancement International is showing three emerging cryogenic technologies: 1) an internal profile cooling system that introduces chilled nitrogen gas inside the profile; 2) a cryogenic calibrator; and 3) a cryogenic cooling tank.
Catch a video from German profile die maker A&G, showing a six-strand PVC die.
is showing several new chemical blowing agents designed to solve specific problems.
Also showing Foamazol CFA exothermic, endothermic, and exo/endothermic chemical foaming agents for thermoplastics.
Rocky'' debuted in 1975 and was thrown out of theaters almost as quickly as it arrived but earned its place in cult movie history - in large part because of the antics of its audiences at midnight showings.