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1. a theatrical or other entertainment
2. a sporting event consisting of contests in which riders perform different exercises to show their skill and their horses' ability and breeding
3. stop the show Informal (of a stage act, etc.) to receive so much applause as to interrupt the performance



(in Russian, obozrenie), a variety or theater presentation that consists of separate scenes and variety, choreographic, instrumental, and vocal numbers. The elements of a show are united by a common theme.

Shows first appeared in the 1830’s in France under the name of revues and had a topical interest, but at the end of the 19th century the revue was transformed into a simple entertainment vehicle. In the Soviet theater and the theater of socialist countries, such as Poland and Rumania, shows are comic and satiric presentations. They are part of the repertoire of variety theaters, music halls, and theaters of miniature genres, such as the Leningrad Theater of Variety and Miniature Genres.

References in classic literature ?
Before he reached him, Rostov, who was a splendid horseman, spurred Bedouin twice and successfully put him to the showy trot in which the animal went when excited.
The restaurant was not so showy or pretentious as the one further down Broadway, which he always preferred, but it was nearly so.
One special discovery that he treasured was the Showy Lady's Slipper, which he discovered was a flower unable to pollinate itself and bloom without the help of bees or insects.
Now on familiar ground (after looking it up in the book) I explained this tree was not only planted here because it was a showy native, it also had medicinal purpose, and had been used as a Native American and later folk remedy for treating skin irritation.
Nerine bowdenii Nerines are some of the most showstopping flowers we can grow to grace the autumn garden, wearing fluorescent pinks and incandescent corals in showy silks and sexy satins.
There are two lovely scabious, Oxford Blue and Salmon Queen, with showy flowers and strong stems that would be ideal.
He was shorthand for electronic experiment for experiments sake, a byword for a showy elite, for those with little interest in the emotional heart of music, more keen to point to badges of niche knowledge.
Yes, there are many woodies that provide colorful foliage and bright berries that will soon be brightening the landscape scene, but showy flowers on trees and shrubs at this season can add much to summer gardens.
But what do you wear when you've known someone for 20 years, who doesn't want you showy but wants you "nice".
Marmara Group Strategic and Social Research Center announced that the center would not host showy fast-breaking meals at luxurious places from now on, it would host meals for poor people.
One small criticism is that Ludgate Hill is rather dull this year, owing to a lot of the flowers being dark mauve and purple, which are not as showy as the reds and yellows.
Choose a showy subtropical perennial, like the Mandevilla shown here; or morning glory, climbing snapdragon (Asarina), or another annual vine.