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What does it mean when you dream about a shrink?

If we dream about shrinking, perhaps the dream relates to our childhood. Alternatively, maybe we are “feeling small.” When other things shrink, it may be a representation that they are playing a smaller role in our life than formerly. We also sometimes refer to shy people as “shrinking violets,” and to psychiatrists as “shrinks.” (See also Little, Small).

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[ClickPress, Mon Jul 22 2019] Shrink films are predominantly used in the food industry which has helped small, medium and large-sized businesses to propel the shelf-life and cut costs of the products, thereby lowering food waste and bolstering the quality.
0.28 PH 5 BK (3)Shrink Down Slav 19.0 X " 35 PI 5 BK (4) Shrink Down Sleeve 25.4 X 0.38 PI 5 BK I 5(Shrink Down SICCVC25.4 X 0.38 PE5 TR (6)Shrink Down Sleeve 2.4 X 0.22 PE5 Grccn/Ycllow (7)Shrink Down
Shrink sleeves are most popular in beverage applications, but they are commonly seen with any end use that requires a label to fit a contoured shape.
Ensuring a uniform thickness of the heat shrink is of upmost importance to allow for the highest possible voltage rating of the HTS cable.
FDA- and USPS- approved Opti Next Generation shrink films provide up to 30% more footage in the same footprint and price as similar products for cost savings, material usage and production benefits.
The E-2 was shrink wrapped to protect it from weather damage during transit on the deck of an aircraft carrier to a repair facility in the United States.
Company has introduced its R-600 Tamper Evident Shrink Bander.
-- About 1.29% of global retail sales is lost to shrink, which includes shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud and administrative errors.
San Rafael, CA, October 24, 2014 --( The Clamco Dem 2 Combo Shrink System combines an L-bar sealer with a powerful shrink tunnel for fast and efficient packing, sealing and shrinking all in one robust, compact unit.
In this exciting stealth game, the player gets to be super agent Audrey Smoothspy armed with a shrink ray and a host of exotic and unusual spy gadgets -- such as banana peel!
And the trend isn't slowing down--the shrink-label market is expected to grow at a 5.2% annual rate through 2021, reaching $245 million in sales, according to The Freedonia Group's study, Stretch & Shrink Sleeve Market in the U.S.
A CLINICAL PSYCHIATRY NEWS reader wrote in recently to object to the use of the term "shrink" in our column name.