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What does it mean when you dream about a shrink?

If we dream about shrinking, perhaps the dream relates to our childhood. Alternatively, maybe we are “feeling small.” When other things shrink, it may be a representation that they are playing a smaller role in our life than formerly. We also sometimes refer to shy people as “shrinking violets,” and to psychiatrists as “shrinks.” (See also Little, Small).

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Romania's Cernavoda Nulcear Power Plant, which draws coolant from the river, was forced to shut down for nearly a month, and for several days in early September, illegal immigrants were spotted wading from Bulgaria to Romania across the shrunken Danube.
Some people decorate their office with photos, but Virginia Hunt adorns hers with a shrunken head.
TBS Superstation is inviting viewers to "Find the Shrunken Head" for a new online sweepstakes that will result in one lucky winner going to Las Vegas for the taping of a live event to air on RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT