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see loomloom,
frame or machine used for weaving; there is evidence that the loom has been in use since 4400 B.C.

Modern looms are of two types, those with a shuttle (the part that carries the weft through the shed) and those without; the latter draw the weft from a stationary
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Short for space shuttle.



(1) In weaving, the working element of a loom that interlaces the weft yarns with the warp yarns to weave cloth. It is a streamlined body with a cavity, in which a bobbin for the weft is located. Shuttles may be made of hard wood (hornbeam, boxwood, and acacia), compressed wood, or plastic. In order to increase the durability and smoothness of the external walls, shuttles may be covered with vulcanized fiber 2 mm thick. The ends are clad with steel tips. The design of a shuttle depends on the design and purpose of the loom, the weight-to-length ratio of the weft yarn, and the size of the weft yarn package.

(2) In sewing, the working element of a lockstitch sewing machine, which inserts the bottom thread into the stitch.


(mechanical engineering)
A back-and-forth motion of a machine which continues to face in one direction.
A device on a loom that moves filling yarns between the warp yarns during weaving.


A descent or a climb conducted in a holding pattern.


1. a bobbin-like device used in weaving for passing the weft thread between the warp threads
a. a bus, train, aircraft, etc., that plies between two points, esp one that offers a frequent service over a short route
b. short for space shuttle
a. the movement between various countries of a diplomat in order to negotiate with rulers who refuse to meet each other
b. (as modifier): shuttle diplomacy
4. Badminton short for shuttlecock
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During these test runs, which took place over a 12-week period, empty cartons were delivered from storage to the decant area on lift trucks, and associates simulated decanting up to 80,000 items intocartonsforthe shuttle system. "We made sure all of the systems were talking to one another and printing the documents required to fill orders.
When compared to energy use of ASRS cranes, factoring in energy recuperation and energy sharing, high-bay robotic pallet shuttle systems consume 70 per cent less energy.
In doing their budget assessment, economists would be comparing the new Shuttle system against the cost of using expendable rockets for a similar number of launches.
With an investment of [pounds sterling]43 million (US$65m), the project included the installation of a completely new shuttle system, new shuttle cars, refurbishment of the rubber track and transformation of the terminal stations.
A device ideally designed and suited to meet and exceed the requirements of today's exciting, rapidly growing food and drink market, the Schaefer Orbiter System is a new product from SSI Schaefer for the UK logistics market that leads the way in providing safer, faster and more intelligent controllable shuttle system technology capable of travelling up to one metre per second.
With 40 buses running on 10 routes to connect four Rutgers campuses, a GPS on each bus, and digital signage at each stop to communicate the next arrival, this bus and shuttle system is probably as intricate as a campus system could get.
My wife and I visited Zion in September and used the shuttle system to travel around the park.
SP600 Batch Printer with Shuttle System has a print table motorized in 4 axes (x, y, c and theta), permitting automatic alignment of substrate to stencil.
Handling pallet types including GKN's and 2 x 800 x 600 plastic merchandisable units, a twin-level shuttle system automatically sorts pallets to customer loads.
While a shuttle system installed in 2000 has removed cars from the canyon--and an ensuing uptick in wildlife sightings by visitors demonstrates the shuttle's relative unobtrusiveness--Beschta thinks the park needs to make more changes to prevent further ecological damage.
But now it looks like a 'shuttle system' will be put in place to make sure traffic keeps moving.

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