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see gibbongibbon,
small ape, family Hylobatidae, found in the forests of SE Asia. The gibbons are known as the small, or lesser, apes; they are the most highly adapted of the apes to arboreal life. They are highly endangered because of habitat destruction.
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It has recorded the first UK births for 13 different species including the bonobo, siamang, agile gibbon and woolly monkey.
Cross-species interaction and communication: a study method applied to captive siamang (Hylobates syndactylus) and long-billed corella (Cacatua tenuirostris) contacts with humans.
Jerusalem: Gripping the guardrail by a small lake in Jerusalem s Biblical Zoo, six-year-old Zeinab and seven-year-old Tali gaze in fascination at Siamang gibbons swinging from vines and screeching at visitors.
What type of animal is a siamang? the last Thursday in November?
There were a few little tetchy journalists, but they'll get over it' Sir Michael Stoute rebuffs criticism over his late decision to run Workforce in last year's Arc All mixed up Rearrange the letters to reveal the name of a Flat jockey whose surname is very similar to that of an animal which has 16 species, the largest of which is the siamang Raging Ash Bomb (6,7) Answer on page 103
The face of this campaign to change zoos for the better is Steve - a rare siamang gibbon, whose traumatic 13 years of life were spent in a small metal and concrete cage, the last seven of them completely alone.