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Sick building syndrome falls outside the accepted boundaries of illness in the biomedical world that demand specific tests and results to establish an agreed-upon definition of health, making this illness a contested diagnosis, and subject to argument against the reality of a problem.
if sick building syndrome is reported in a building, management should consider causes beyond the physical design and operation of the workplace and should widen their investigation to include the organization of work roles and the autonomy of the workforce.
Sick Building Syndrome has been with us for around 20 years.
People involved in planning school facilities are increasingly concerned with avoiding sick building syndrome," says Thomas Kube, executive director of the facility planners organization, CEFPI, "especially as it's become more prevalent.
The Labor Standards Inspection Office in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, has decided to pay labor accident compensation to four female preschool employees who suffered from Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), labor officials said Tuesday.
Too often, doctors match symptoms to treatments without considering the underlying cause, said Jain, who specializes in sick building syndrome.
The following article defines sick building syndrome (SBS) and suggests causes, cursory solutions, and preventive measures for SBS.
Mold, sick building syndrome and the growing incidence of asthma are topics concerning commercial, homeowners and workers' compensation insurers.
Your building's indoor air quality (IAQ) or building air quality (BAQ) can trigger two significant types of health problems: sick building syndrome (SBS) and building-related illnesses.
All this becomes part of the corporate experience, a healthy look in the midst of sick building syndrome that is characteristic of many office buildings in Egypt.
A condition called sick building syndrome applies to certain structures that ooze bad chemicals and other environmental agents deleterious to human health.
Sick building migration: The tendency of younger workers to avoid or leave jobs in unhealthy office environments or workplaces affected by Sick Building Syndrome.