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Pete aggressively walked up a side aisle and took seats with Maggie at a table beneath the balcony.
They entered the hall from the rear, still keeping the casual formation of the group, and moved slowly up a side aisle.
There are, invariably, two naves, which intersect in a cross, and whose upper portion, rounded into an apse, forms the choir; there are always the side aisles, for interior processions, for chapels,--a sort of lateral walks or promenades where the principal nave discharges itself through the spaces between the pillars.
The lights dimmed, and the audience cheered as Cornett walked down a side aisle onto the stage.
The Presbytery Prayer Promoters meet in the side aisle of the church on Saturday, June 2, from 10am-noon.
She says, "The procession scene led by the priest started at center stage, went down and proceeded to the back, turned and passed through the side aisle then exited through the side door, all the while singing and chanting in their well-blended heavenly voices, lighting up the dark with their candles and evoking a spine-tingling, solemn, awesome atmosphere.''
Band members Steve Garrigan, Jason Boland, Vinny May and Mark Prendergast then walked up to the altar from a side aisle.
The funding will go towards repairing the roof, which has suffered in the frequent bad weather and affected the carved oak ceilings on both side aisles. Water has been dripping onto the organ pipes, sound system and side aisle chairs.
He must have heard me come in because he turned around and was then off like the clappers down the side aisle. I was very fit then and in hot pursuit.
As you walk a side aisle to the rear of the dining room, there is a huge menu and instruction chart on the wall.
Finally, an entourage trailed in from the far side aisle, a group that included the Netherlands' prince of orange and his wife, Princess Maxima.