side bar

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side bar

[′sīd ‚bär]
A bar on which molding pins are carried; operated from outside the mold.
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(1) A generic term for an auxiliary window on screen that is displayed alongside the main window.

(2) The left or right side of Windows 8 screen that holds an app.

(3) A Windows Vista desktop panel that holds mini applications (gadgets) such as a calendar, calculator, stock ticker and Vonage phone dialer. It is the Windows counterpart to the Dashboard in the Mac. In Windows 7, the Sidebar was eliminated and gadgets can be placed anywhere on the desktop. See Windows Vista and gadget.

(4) A feature in the Firefox Web browser that displays history, bookmarks or any bookmarked page in a scrolling window. IE has similar capabilities in its Favorites Center, but does not refer to the window as a sidebar.

(5) A Windows 3.1 shell that replaced Program and File Manager and streamlined the desktop. Originally developed by Mike McCue of Paper Software, it was later acquired by Quarterdeck.
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Summary: Thus, leaf spring shackle side bars manufacturers have significant opportunities in the aftermarket.
The first section of the side bar will include a brief summary of important literature that influenced the project's development.
"The nice thing about a side bar is if you're into the first and last band but not the band in between, you can get out of the noise and talk to the date you brought with you," Huthman said.
The new design will also bring a new related pins side bar, which is supposed to make user stay longer on the site and click through other boards.
Distributor Joe Hand Productions filed a "theft of cable signal" claim against former Country Side Bar owner Ralph Brown in connection with a 2010 Ultimate Fighting Championship bout between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen.
Buyers can choose between a Twizy with no doors, a non-structural tilting side bar, or a bottom half-door, which tilts forward to open.
An Upper West Side bar has ceased operations to avoid going to court against the city, the Village Voice reported.
Erik Nesensohn, proprietor of Hudson Station, said the space was basically a larger version of the eatery's Upper East Side bar and grill, The Bullpen.
He said: "When you look at it, that was probably Brazil's strongest side bar one or two, but we had nine or 10 regulars not available.
By the way, the side bar "What's an Adiabat" could have added that an adiabat is a line plotted on a chart showing how temperatures and pressures change for a parcel undergoing an adiabatic process.
When using Firefox the information is presented in a side bar and is expandable to include as many of the available options as the user requires, whilst the Vista gadget is accessed via the side panel.