side board

side board, side cut

Lumber which has been sawn from a log in such a way as to exclude the heartwood.
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Use a clamp or an extra pair of hands to place another 4-by-4 post against the inside of one of the side pieces, aligning the end of the side board with the front most face of the post.
Clearly, investors' interest shifted from main board scrips to side board and downward trend in scrips like HBL, UBL, DGKC, LUCK caused concern among investors.
They said average daily volumes ticked lower by 17 percent DoD to 138 million shares, likewise average daily value traded significantly went down by 37 percent DoD to settle at Rs6 billion/$59 million given higher activity in side board items.
In a tight dining room, you need a serving side board, table and chairs--no china cabinet.
Again, I drove three brads into each side board and came back and secured them with a couple of trim head screws.
Although bulk of side board items returned with higher volumes, the activity in already high-priced fertiliser, food and cement stocks continued.
The consequence of a normal centering in the cant saw is that both side boards may be lost, whereas an offset can produce one side board.
Gordon Strachan's side board a flight this morning destined for the Jutland Peninsula and their date with Euro destiny.
On the number of passengers, North Korea rejected South Korea's suggestion that an equal number of passengers from each side board the trains.
A half dozen protesters gathered outside the offices of CUNY's Upper East Side Board of Trustees Office.