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Or, in shallow windows where tension/balance strips cover the entire side jamb, arrange side trim so its inner edge covers the strip--so only the sash is revealed.
Then slide the panel toward the latch to clear it from the side jamb so you can lift it free.
If it rubs near the top of the side jamb (which is most common), draw in the upper hinge.
6 HOLD a level against the side jamb and slide wood shims behind each remaining screw hole until the side jamb of the window is straight.
SHIM under the side jamb on the Iow side until the head jamb is exactly level.
Once you have established the angle of the miter, hold your top casing in place and transfer the reveal mark from the side jamb to your top casing (Photo 6).
For right-hand side jamb liners, reverse any instructions calling for turning a screwdriver clockwise or counterclockwise.
Measure any variance from one side to the other and remember to leave the side jamb on the low side that much longer.
Place the doorstop against the top and side jambs so the vinyl weather stripping is at a 45-degree angle.
When buying a new shade for an inside mount or when changing one from an outside mount it is necessary to choose a shade with a larger than needed tip-to-tip measurement to insure that the shade material fits tightly within the window side jambs. Be sure to compare the purchased fabric width with the needed width.
The weatherstripping kit will come with two long pieces for the side jambs and a short piece for the top jamb.