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(1) A generic term for an auxiliary window on screen that is displayed alongside the main window.

(2) The left or right side of Windows 8 screen that holds an app. See Win8 Sidebar.

(3) A Windows Vista desktop panel that holds mini applications (gadgets) such as a calendar, calculator, stock ticker and Vonage phone dialer. It is the Windows counterpart to the Dashboard in the Mac. In Windows 7, the Sidebar was eliminated and gadgets can be placed anywhere on the desktop. See Windows Vista and gadget.

(4) A feature in the Firefox Web browser that displays history, bookmarks or any bookmarked page in a scrolling window. IE has similar capabilities in its Favorites Center, but does not refer to the window as a sidebar.

(5) A Windows 3.1 shell that replaced Program and File Manager and streamlined the desktop. Originally developed by Mike McCue of Paper Software, it was later acquired by Quarterdeck.
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Sidebar holes normally have fiats to accommodate standard pins.
Caution sidebars alert you to common mistakes and how to avoid them.
A sidebar that attaches to the rails was broken and caused the tracks to be out of alignment when the train derailed early Saturday, said Mark Garcia, regional director of the National Transport Safety Board.
For information on the use and regulation of derivatives in mutual funds, see the sidebar at left.
What makes their books special are the simple rhyming picture book texts that engage very young audiences and the more in-depth, detailed sidebars that capture the interest of older children and adults.
Illustrations, sidebars, clearly stated objectives for each section, definitions of theological terms, discussion questions, an English bibliography, notes that direct one to a wide variety of ancient and modern resources--in short, Moo's work will indeed lead to an encounter with Romans that will lead to a deeper understanding of Paul's great letter.
Most body text is in black, complemented by three colors for the headlines, sidebars and charts--green, red, and brown, usually screened to graphically pleasing hues.
It is in a teen-oriented format, with sidebars that contain fascinating information and wonderful color pictures.
Kids in grades 5-7 receive an excellent blend of color drawings, history, and sidebars of information in this colorful coverage.
Clear instructions perfect for beginners include finished hat measurement, yarn, hooks and other supplies, sidebars of detail on methods such as decreasing, and charts.
Color abounds in Starting Out Healthy: three colors in the nameplate, lots of full-color photos, different colored headlines throughout, plus plenty of sidebars and graphics rendered in a variety of screened colors.