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lateral overlap

Adjacent flight strips are photographed so that there is a lateral overlapping of strips. It is known as lateral overlap or side overlap. This overlap amounts to 15 to 35% but is generally 30%. In a multicamera installation, the cameras are adjusted to provide a 10% overlap between the prints of adjacent cameras. Also called a sidelap. See overlap.


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The amount by which one photograph includes the same area covered by another, customarily expressed as a percentage. The overlap between successive air photographs on a flight line is called forward overlap or ground overlap. The overlap between photographs in adjacent parallel flight lines is called lateral overlap or sidelap. The normal forward and side overlaps are 60% and 30%, respectively.

side overlap

The overlap between photographs in adjacent parallel flight lines. The normal side overlap is 30%. Also called a lateral overlap or a sidelap. See overlap.
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Using 60 percent forward and sidelap, the resulting aerial triangulation solution is extremely strong because each passpoint is measured on as many as nine different photographs."[8]